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Dr. Yan-Gao Man received Medical and Master degrees in Western Medicine/Microbiology from Hubei Medical College, China, and PhD in Cell Biology/Anatomy from Howard University Medical School, USA.  He completed postdoctoral training in Cancer Biology in Dr. James L. Mulshine’s laboratory at National Cancer Institute, NIH, USA.  Dr. Man served as the Director of Gynecological and Breast Research Laboratory of Armed Forces Institute of Pathology and American Registry of Pathology for over 16-years.  He also served as a Distinguished Scientist at Henry Jackson Foundation, USA, and the Director of Research and International Collaboration at Bon Secours Cancer Institute, USA. Recently and currently, he served or serves as the Co-Director of Laboratory of Proteomics and Protein Sciences, Veterans Affair Health System, Baltimore, USA, an Adjunct Distinguished Scientist at Hackensack University Medical Center, NJ, USA, the Vice President for Research and Collaboration at South Hospital of Nanjing. China, and a visiting professor of China National Center of Colorectal Diseases and China Key Laboratory of Subhealth Intervention Technology. He also serves as the Chairman of Board Directors and Secretary General of International Union for Difficult-to-treat Diseases. 

Dr. Man has authored and co-authored over 250 published articles and abstracts in the cancer field, 46 non-scientific articles, 4 book chapters, and 14 novel protocols for molecular and immunohistochemical assays.  He was the recipient or co-recipient of 18 nationally funded research grants and the inventor or co-inventor of 3 patents.  Dr. Man’s research is primarily focused on the mechanism of cancer invasion and metastasis. He is the originator of two novel hypotheses for cancer invasion and metastasis. He was invited by colleagues at National Institutes of Health, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute of Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, UCLA, Florida State University, Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, and other prestigious Institutions to present his hypotheses. He was also invited by many cancer research-related organizations, including Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, UK Science Operations and Funding Directorate, Israel Science Foundation, and Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs to review grant applications.  Dr. Man’s hypothesis of cancer invasion has been recognized as “more compatible with existing experimental evidence than the traditional “protoelytic enzyme” theory” [Pandey PR et al. Front Biosci. 15: 226–236, 2011].  Among all existing theories for cancer metastasis, his hypothesis is the only one that can reasonably explain all major steps of cancer metastasis. 


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